Posted by: mstrohman | November 15, 2018

Recipe Success


Well I have decided it’s time to go through 30+ years of recipe collecting and digitize.  

As any organizer will tell you every project starts with identifying a problem. And I have a problem: the enticing picture of a cake, adorable drink with a garnish on the rim or mouthwatering looks of a barbecue found in the pages of a magazine screams for me to tear that recipe out because I’m going to make it someday. But of course it’s lost in a pile, and if I ever do think to make it I would never be able to find it. While much of my newer recipes lie in Pinterest I would still like those tried-and-true ones to be easier for me to find. 

I did some extensive research on different apps available for recipes. I looked at 18 of them, there were more but I had to draw the line. After reading about them and reading the reviews on them I landed on 7 to try.




copy me that 

recipe organizer 

Recipe Gallery


While they all had some interesting features, OneNote almost had me with their colorful tabs, I mean really what type A personality doesn’t love an array of colored tabs! I landed on Recipe Gallery as my favorite. It has the cross references, sharing ability and notes that I was looking for. While it is the only app that had a fee, $2.99, I think it will be worth it. Although, it is the first time I have paid for App and it wasn’t easy to bite that bullet! Lol

Next step was to sort through and ditch recipes that screamed: “who are you kidding You’re never making this”.  I was rather surprised at how many duplicates I found while doing this sort also. I initially got rid of around 150 recipes. 

Next came triage; sorting the mess into workable piles of like categories; I had 12.  

Then it was just a matter of doing it, lots of picture taking, and I even added personal notes regarding changes I may have made, special memories a recipe may have had or who it came from.


This was my work station 

Since I’m a big Pinner on Pinterest I tried to keep my recipe book to recipes that are tried-and-true and keep Pinterest for recipes I’d like to try, or dream of being able to make. With that being said, once I started entering things into my recipe book I ended up eliminating even more. This project only took a week, but I was motivated to get it done and spent five hours a day on it and I ended up with about 200 recipes in the app.  Since I started with 564 (yes I counted them) that’s a lot of eliminating. 

I have used it several times and am very happy with my choice, now onto my next organization project, because believe me, there’s more!

Posted by: mstrohman | September 30, 2018

Last Time

I noticed today that I haven’t seen the hummingbirds in a while. They are gone for the season. I guess it’s time to take down the feeders. I wonder, when was the last time I saw them? I think I saw them Friday, or was it Thursday?

There are so many things that happen that you just don’t realize that it’s your last time. When was the last time I got out of bed and didn’t hurt?

Sometimes you do get to know it’s your last time doing something and you are able to plan that memory accordingly. Such as your child’s last band concert, or last high school football game, or your last day in your home before you sell it.

Alas, there are some you just can’t plan ahead for. Some innocuous last times, such as, I wistfully think, when was the last time I weighed that. I sure wish I would’ve realized then that I wasn’t fat.

Then there are some life changing last times; I wish I would’ve known that was the last time I would speak to my brother before he passed away.

It really makes me think how much we need to cherish every minute of every day because you just don’t always know that it’s the last time of something!

Posted by: mstrohman | December 2, 2017

Reflection in the Northwoods

My first winter living in the Northwoods is just beginning. It’s December 1st, and I have developed a fascination with the forming ice.  I know most people’s opinions on this is “you can have it”, but I can’t help but love yet another one of God’s miracles of our earth.
3934E6F6-8595-44BD-ABA8-8BA143C49CD4I was convinced that the lake we live on only had a small bit of ice along the shore but upon closer investigation, with binoculars, I found that a little further out, what appeared to the novice to be open water, was simply ice formed with the ripples of the waves. Even farther out, on the other shore I could see the movement of open water.

Well, we have had several inches of snow so far, but it is all melted with our unseasonably warm temperatures (yes, unseasonably warm would be low to mid 40s). Therefore while the ice is forming we still have falling leaves, and it is mesmerizing to watch them fall upon the ice, expecting them to sink, but instead seeing them skitter across for several feet. We comically refer to our outdoors as “the frozen tundra”. I am still shocked at myself that someone who deplores being cold could possibly love it in the Northwoods at this time of year. We shall see if it lasts.9AF6FDA5-F4A0-4B5B-AE11-280AD6F4DE89

I spent some time today traveling to a much larger lake, Lake Minocqua . It was an incredibly windy day, and the white capped waves tore apart the forming ice, already several inches thick in areas. The ice stacked along the shore creating a tinkling sound as the waves continue to crash against them. Next week will likely be a different story as the temperatures are expected to be in single digits. While the thought of bone chilling cold makes me want to cozy up to the fire, the intriguing forming ice will pull me outdoors for a closer view, for a short while anyway.


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